We need people who are easily adaptable and flexible and love the challenge of new situations, climates, cultures and connecting with new types of people. You will have tough days and great days on the road; however, we promise that the rewards and benefits far outweigh the challenges you might face. You'll walk away from your tour having accomplished something great, having a greater understanding of the world in which you live, and having learned something about yourself along the way.

Love people

You will spend just as much time dealing with people in this job as you will dealing with technology. From principals and pastors to students and hotel staff - we expect the highest of standards with whomever you encounter. We expect our presenters to always be courteous, professional, and understanding while maintaining a high level of customer service at all times.

You will also be staying in a communal living space during training, as well as on the road with one other person. You will need to have respect for others while being independent and punctual, maintaining a high level of integrity in all situations.

Leadership Characteristics

We are looking for servant leaders. We are looking for people who are willing to lead and serve. Being a leader means that you are a person of integrity, positivity, vision and commitment. The moment you step into a venue for a show, you are in the spotlight. Students and staff alike are watching you to see if what you say and represent matches up with who you are as a person. We place a high value on strong character values and expect our presenters to be the type of leaders that students will desire to follow, as you will be communicating with people one-on-one as well as in large group contexts. Serving and loving people is crucial to the success of a Camfel presenter and as a leader altogether. Leadership is not a title or even a role; it is becoming a person of character, integrity and influence.

Work and play

Your daily routine will involve running the show at a school in the morning, driving to a second school, and then driving to the next day's location.

While this job does not require you to be a top athlete, there is a bit of physical activity involved. You will be lifting and moving equipment that may weigh up to 50 pounds.

Some of your days are going to be long. You may get worn out from time to time. Although we will not expect you to work 20 hours a day, there will be days where you will have multiple shows in multiple venues and have a drive as well.

We need people who know how to have fun, work hard and play herd. You'll have many days to explore and we encourage our presenters to discover new foods and cultures, sight-see, go skiing, go kayaking, go hiking, catch a ball game, etc. The country will literally be your playground.

Be committed to the vision

We want you to believe in this company and our mission of impacting students. We want you sold on our vision before you step on the plane or get in a car to make your way out here. We want our presenters to fulfill their committed time and do so with a positive attitude, while possessing a servant's heart. We encourage our presenters to get to know the company, ask questions and become a part of the Camfel experience.

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"I can say that without a doubt Camfel has helped me to develop my public speaking skills, character, work ethic, and faith. My teammate and other coworkers were some of the greatest friends that I have had in a long time, that now feel like family. We came together from diferent places and stages in life, and were united because of our common mission/goal. Only someting that God can do."

[+]Brian Alexander 18/19 Tour

"The beaches of the west coast, the Texan vastness, wildlife of all sorts, the Goonie's house, General Lee, Napoleon Dynamite's school, and Chuck Norris are just a few of the unforgettable things that we have seen since we have hit the road with Camfel! One of the best things is that you get the unique opportunity to speak into the lives of so many people. So impact lives, see & do unforgettable things, travel the country and get paid to do it! We will never regret the time we spent with Camfel!"

[+]Josh & Brittany Sievers, 2012/2013

My experience working with Camfel has been wonderful and I highly recommend anyone to work for them. It is a great company to work for all around. You get to see so much of America and grow personally, and spiritually. If you have a heart for youth, and want to make a difference then working for them is something to consider.

[+]Adriel Kroneberger 16/17 Tour

"Working with Camfel has by far been one of the best, stretching and challenging experiences I have had in my life. God taought me so many important life lessons, grew me in ways I never thought possible, and deepened my relationship with Him. Everyday we had the opportunity to speak life into students who needed to hear the message, God's message. As His vessel He allowed me to vistit 39 states and reach over 59,000 students. Camfel provides you the unique opportunity to share the love of Christ with youth, see new places, meet new people and grow spiritually. If you allow it, it'll be the best, challenging, but most rewarding job you might ever have in your life."

[+]Tara McDannel, 2018/2019