Preparing for the School Assembly

Who knew character education
could be this easy!

We bring all equipment needed

• sound system • screens • projectors • microphone


The average school will pay just $895 for 2 showings of the assembly of their chioce. The price can be affected by location and the number of other schools in your area that will be seeing the program so your final cost isn't carved in stone. Please contact us for proper quote.

Room Size

Our full three-screen set-up requires a 45” width, 12” height, and 23’ projection distance from screens to projectors.

For smaller locations, we can reduce the size of the screens—requiring 30’ width, 8’ height.

Our programs can be shown in any type of room including: gymnasiums, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms. & cafeterias.

Lights & Darkness

As with any projected image, the darker the room, the greater the effect. Any windows or skylights should be covered prior to our arrival.

However, our projectors are fairly bright and can handle it some ambient light in the room. Just know that a darker room will give you a better looking image.

Set-Up Assistance

It is always nice to have help setting up the equipment but it's not required. If possible please provide 4 people (students or staff) 90 minutes prior to the first show time to help unload and set-up equipment. No experience required.


We would love to hear from you by phone or by email to know what dates you have in mind for us to come to your school. Once we know what dates you're looking at, we can then give you the thumbs up, or provide you with alternate dates.

Please call: 1-800-522-6335
Or feel free to email us.

Please be sure to include all your contact information as well as the dates you're interested in

Preparation Checklist

The following requirements will help your assembly presentation go smoothly and on time.

  • Access to assembly room 90 minutes prior to the start of the first program.
  • A contact person available to provide location information and guidance.
  • All windows and skylights covered.
  • A few students or adults to assist in setting things up and preparing the room for the assembly.