Check out what these
teachers thought!

"I always enjoy the shows! Very professionally produced and very entertaining."

Shannon Ruppert - Assistant Principal
Neff Elementary
Miamisburg, OH

"Excellent presentation! We have used Camfel in the past and will continue to use you in the future! Keep up the great presentaions."

Diane Kriznik - Student Counsel Advisor
Ingomar Middle School
Pittsburgh, PA

"It positively impacted students to make changes in their lives. I had several students stop in to discuss. Good presentation! Give us a call next year."

Oran Nehls - Principal
Denmark High School
Denmark, WI


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who we are

We are a non-profit organization that specializes in producing character-building resources for schools across the nation. Our three-screen assemblies are seen by roughly two million students each year.

our objective

We strive to motivate and encourage your students to be the best they can be by first understanding and acknowledging the problems they face on a daily basis, and then by offering solutions in a format they can relate to.

why choose camfel?

A major educational challenge is to communicate in a way that can hold student's attention as well as create interest in the message. Each of our large three-screen assemblies contains vibrant visuals, current popular music, and challenging content designed to spark discussion and motivate healthy change.

And after the assembly, we'll leave you with follow-up discussion materials that your teachers or school counselors can use in individual classroom settings.

our other resources

We also offer a wide range of other character-building resources. DVDs, Banners, Posters, Buttons, Classroom Curriculum, and more can be found at our new character ed tools website.