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"Camfel is a 15 year tradition at our school. Every show has been entertaining, exciting, educational and exemplary!"

Paul R. Nostrand - Counselor
Wappingers Jr. High School
Wappingers Falls, NY

"Your programs are always up to date and address topics of interest to the students. They make the students stop and think and reflect on their own situations."

Debbie Lauppe - Academic Advisor
East Nicolaus High School
Nicolaus, CA

"Overall the production and theme value were excellent. A 10 on a scale of 1 to 10."

Bruce Wyckoff - Assistant Principal
Winslow Middle School
Atco, NJ

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Our school assembly programs increase your students' capacity to perform at their best, take pride in their school, and encourage their peers to make the right choices.

We've Gone Totally Interactive!

We now have interactive school assemblies for all grade levels!
Your students will be completely engaged and will be active participants as they learn key character-building concepts.

Motivate Your Students to Excel

Our engaging 3-screen school assembly programs feature real students overcoming real problems that will resonate with your students in a very powerful way!

character education made easy

Camfel Productions has been making student development and bully prevention programs for 40 years. Our three-screen school assembly programs are designed to reach your students with valuable character lessons in a contemporary and attention grabbing format.

Let us help you create a better learning environment on your campus!

three-screen assemblies

Worth It! and The Right Choice
Theme: Decision Making & Self-Worth
Grade Level: 6th-12th
Theme: Making Good Choices
Grade Level: K-5th
Be Amazing! and Be a Hero!
Theme: Achieving Personal Excellence
Grade Level: 6th-12th
Theme: Being Your Best
Grade Level: K-5th
Quest for Respect and Dream, Dare, Do!
Theme: Respect
Grade Level: 6th-12th
Theme: Personal Responsibility
Grade Level: 6th-12th
Ready, Set, Go! and The Pledge Elementary
Theme: Goal Setting
Grade Level: K-5th
Theme: Valuing Others
Grade Level: K-5th
The Golden Rule
Theme: Respecting Others
Grade Level: K-5th

• Build Character M• Reduce Bullying

• Real Students Facing Real Challenges

• Contemporary issues and solutions

• Exciting M• Motivational M• Educational

The Golden Rule